KineticAssistant v0.14

New KineticAssistant update with many features!

1. New installation method
Opposite to past instructions, KineticAssistant folder should be extracted into Community. To save your settings, towplane records etc. first copy old version KineticAssistant folder into Community, rename it to touchingcloud-tools-kineticassistant, then extract installer archive content into Community with rewriting existing files. You can use addons linker or similar tool for semi-automatic installation. Built-in SimMarket launcher automatic update not supported yet (as KA is not really MSFS add-on), but possibility is under investigation.
After launch, program check existence and version of KineticPanel. If it not installed, or outdated, you will see notification about automatic update — press Yes to install latest KineticPanel version.

2. Pilot and winch operator communication speech
After winch launch initiated, pilot will request launch by spelling selected airspeed. Operator will confirm launch and rope slack. After release (or rope failure), pilot will name gained altitude in feet. Voice can be disabled or speech pack changed from settings, volume — with sounds slider.

3. Winch & towplane rope (KineticAssistant+ only)
After winch launch started, winch vehicle will be inserted in selected range, rope will be connected to the glider CG point (DG808S, Discus2C, AS-33, LS4 has accurate coordinates), another end of the rope will be connected to the winch. Rope will bend when it lose tension, and straight when it pulling glider in full strength.

We are looking for volunteers for the voice command recording!
Preferably non-English speakers — you can use your own common phrases instead of default one to make MSFS gliding much more immersive. Voice commands available both for freeware and payware versions, so your time will help all of KineticAssistant users. Contact us if you are willing to help.


KineticAssistant hotspots ingame indication

Main improvement of 0.13 version is hotspots/thermals ingame indication — classic spiral (both freeware and payware) or realistic birds (payware only), each is optional. This feature usage is simple — unpack KineticPanel.zip content into Community (you can find file inside of KineticAssistant folder manually or click Install Kinetic Panel link on Settings tab). Start the flight, load hotspots with preferred method (API or manual), check Spirals and/or Birds checkboxes, toggle hotspots.


— spiral height and diameter match hotspot size, however spiral location/shape not updated even if Leaning option enabled
— spiral has LODs (different quality models) for performance safety. quality of the model should increases while flying toward, good looking one should be  visible at distance ~1km
— Birds (4 types — hawk, seagull, crow, swift) inserted in the center of the hotspot at altitude ~2000ft below top edge of the hotspot, animated randomly
— birds visible from any distance, as much as your monitor allow it; to increase chances to spot tiny objects in the sky, you can try to increase RENDER SCALING option (right behind resolution), but it will hit your FPS
— each type of indicator can be disabled on Hotspots page, models update on checkbox click (if hotspots active)

Other fixes:

— KK7 hotspots data stored as local files to avoid network issues, will be updated several times per year
— custom LNM userpoint name can be used starting with Thermal word, like — «Thermal near my home gliding club» instead of «thermal» (hotspot word valid as well)
— panel connection error fixed for SU8 update


Jetpack JW1 v2!

Hello, Jetman fans! We are stepping to the next stage of project development — all effects updated (dynamic heat blur, downwash, colored smokes, even visible damaged engine smoke), tablet with aircraft configs and engines data makes flight easier for you, and most important — VR fixes and improvements implemented, including motion controllers support.

We are still working on improvements so feel free to leave your feedback or propose new features.

We set 25% discount for JW1 on SimMarket, it is the perfect moment to jump on the train if you did not purchase it earlier!

Full list of changes:

— reworked effects — smoke texture, dynamic heat blur, downwash works again
— round chute removed completely to decrease possibility of visibility issues
— non-analog walking controls (walk fast and stand only positions)
— control panel (tablet) with engines throttles and status info, flight modes switch and indication, settings
— scripts update frequency increased (affects walking, parachute, aboard)
— instrument camera added (view inside of the body fix)
— Manual HMD control (with spoiler handle) separate in new Display option
— static display positions issues fixed
— drogue chute animation fixed, both before and after main chute deployment
— walking animation improved
— Disable Assistances flag added (hides Assistances tab completely)

VR improvements:
— dedicated VR camera removed because initial pitch/bank/heading value not longer works for it (you are looking into the skies when your head faced forward), so default cameras used instead (can be switched from Camera toolbar menu during flight)
— moving helmet display (with limitations, center view before flight with head pitched up about 30 degrees)
— motion controllers support for flight, walking, parachute landing
— control Panel wheels for motion controls area position adjustment
— HMD made static for back view

Now sad news. Due to low sales of the payware version of JW1 (zero sales to be precise) we are no longer able to perform free version updates. It still flies well, and all main features are working, but do not expect major upgrades. We still keep SkyPirat price low, even if it took 3 times longer to develop it than planned, so it should not empty your pocket if you haven’t purchase it yet.

Fly safe, and see you around!


F/A-18E «Super Warrior» mod v7.3 PUBLIC

Finally, we get to the public release. Thanks to our testers and supporters for feedback and help during development!
Full list of v7 changes:
— tailhook correct deployment angle
— canopy switch & animated canopy
— helmet mounted display (brightness knob on right-front panel); EXPERIMENTAL VR support (always on) and TrackIR (switch and vertical-horizontal adjustments above HMD knob)
— external fuel tanks, jettison buttons, each tank adds 2% to spoilers position to simulate drag force (model and textures by Lord Frites)
— gap between fuselage and back of the cockpit (visible while canopy is opened) filled with back borders
— tailhook effects does not appear if it retracted
— HUD glass flickering fixed

KineticAssistant 0.12.4 & ALBATROSS 0.9.0 updates released!

We spent some time rewriting SimConnect related code to increase scripts update frequency and improve overall stability. You may notice both winch and towplane simulation is smoother now.
KineitcPanel also updated — quick buttons added for the Winch, Push or Tow so you can toggle each feature without having program on the screen. Also «night» mode added for better VR experience.




Latest MSFS update contain issue that was reported by several developers during beta test but still ignored by ASOBO — it broke throttle of many aircraft.
It affect JW1 and DG808 for sure, maybe Aircreation as well. I know how to fix it in the code, just will take some time to prepare updates.

Temporary solutions:
— use F1-F2 keys to increase engine(s) thrust, F3-F4 to decrease
— assign Throttle Axis Engine 1/2/3/4 to your throttle lever

You will get notifications about dedicated aircraft updates soon.


F/A-18E instrument landing system tutorial


F/A-18E Warrior got ICLS!

Prepare for daily landing trainings


F/A-18 «Super Warrior» mod v4.0 just released!

In cooperation with Photosbykev and 270inc carrier operations became possible in MSFS! Animated and interactive crew, catapult steam, exciting seconds right before launch — just get it and experience yourself.


Progress of F/A-18 Warrior project

F/A-18 Super Warrior take off from USS Enterprise aircraft carrier